Thursday, 19. Jan. 2017

KLEZTORY auf der Kulturbörse Freiburg

Direkt aus Montreal auf die Music Hall Bühne der 29. IKF 2017 Mit...

Monday, 24. Nov. 2014

The Silent Jazz Ensemble - Record Release Party Nightwalker

The Silent Jazz Ensemble is going to celebrate the release of the...

Monday, 24. Nov. 2014

Europe Blues Train 2014 - next stops Berlin, Prag, Leipzig

A strong for the blues and the Europe Blues Train: 5 concerts in...


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Dudu Tucci

Master of Percussion from Brazil

Dudu Tucci live in Korea

Dudu Tucci was born with rhythm in his genes. He started drumming as a young boy in the Umbanda ceremonies. After his studies at the Brooklin Paulista ConservatorLatin America where he discovered diverse ethnic music traditions with a profound spirituality that has influenced him ever since. He has performed on big stages in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since the early 1980s he is living in Berlin where he works as composer, musician and writer. For more than 20 years he teaches and inspires thousands of percussion students in Germany and many other European countries.

Morena do Sol

Dudu Tucci & Brazil Power Drums

Dudu Tucci's 11th CD and the name of the new show with his band Brazil Power Drums: a festive and light-hearted music that brings that exhilarating Brazilian summer feeling to every party.

pulsating grooves, interlaced with sall of it enhanced in a most delightful way by the enchanting voice of Mariana Viana and on the guitar and Paulo Cedraz on keyboard. 

Performances -

Morena do Sol is the name of the show and CD of Dudu Tucci & Brazil Power Drums: born out of samba and sun and spiced with , is a cheerful and lively music, an invitation to dance, to listen to and let yourself get carried away by. The pulsating grooves, interspersed with suspenseful breaks, create beautiful musical moments, supported by and enriched with guitar, keyboard and the charming voice of Mariana Viana.

Video Show Morena do Sol | Videos 2014


Composer, musical arrangerments for movies and t.v.

CD releases - latest album CD NADADOR


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