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KLEZTORY auf der Kulturbörse Freiburg

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The Silent Jazz Ensemble - Record Release Party Nightwalker

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Europe Blues Train 2014 - next stops Berlin, Prag, Leipzig

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It's only Rom'n'Roll

photo Terne Chave
Terne Chave at Sziget Festival

TERNE CHAVE are considered as a leading and one of most successful gypsy bands in the Czech Republic, always knowable for their distinctive and personal style. Taking also their gadjo friends as musicians among themselves they set out into the big world. Touring Europe from Czech Republic and Slovakia via Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, England to Scotland, wherever they went people danced.

Latest Album: More, Love!

Besides the traditional accordion and violin one will notice also the electric guitar and samples. Next layers can be found within variety of styles of individual songs - rock, tango, folk, spiritual, dance rhythms and punk comes across well, mixed with traditional gypsy vocalscontrast between old traditional gypsy songs (and their revelation) and modern technology, the old and the modern world.

More, love! lag 3 Monate in den Top20 der WMCE 2008.
ANDEL AWARD 2008 als bestes Weltmusik-Album der Tschechischen Republik


Gejza Bendig
Roman Feko
Jan Dzurko
Josef Dzurko
Adam Pospisil
Mario Bihari
Libor Friedl

TERNE CHAVE audio | Download Info-PDF



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